What Child is This?

My cousin sent me this link yesterday.  It’s making the rounds online.  The young man has flow!

From Colorlines.com:

Khaliyl’s parents are Femi and Roucheon Iloyi of the UK gospel hip hop group The Royal Priesthood. His dad Femi, aka “Smooflow”, is an emcee and record producer, while his mom Roucheon is a singer and songwriter. Growing up around that kind of musical energy, it’s small wonder Khaliyl is rapping before he can talk. And boy, do we love it.

This vid reminds me one another young hip-hopper featured on youtube over the summer:

From the video description from Pierre Bennu’s exittheapple website:

The 4th installment documenting my 1st sons development as a DJ. Every year right before his birthday i try to catch him playing. He has been obsessed with music & particularly turntables & DJing. He loves to watch/study DJs on youtube. This was taped weeks before he was about to turn 3.

During this season of hope through the Christ child’s birth, joy to the world (from the UK to the USA – with a shoutout to Brasil) that hip-hop lives through the babies!


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